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May 13, 2014 - Bowie, Maryland - A leading technology company providing cloud-based data-driven solutions to the healthcare industry today announced that it has been named the company of the year in the city of Bowie Maryland. Each year, the Business of the Year Award is presented to the Bowie-based company with the highest number of employees and the largest annual turnover of $100,000 or more. Seven years ago, Bowie's Economic Development Committee launched the Business of the Year award as part of its annual awards programme.

The prize is awarded to a company that has demonstrated a high level of performance that sets a benchmark for other companies. These include the highest number of employees, the largest annual turnover of $100,000 or more, and an annual growth rate of at least 10%.

The most prominent is the John Hanson Highway, which follows an east-west route through the city. Bowie has I-595 and US-50 as its main state highways as well as a number of local highways. Other state highways that serve this city include Baltimore-Washington International Airport, the Maryland State Highway System and the Prince George's County Highway System.

The entire Southern Maryland line was completed in 1873, and the line made its first stop in Bowie on July 1, 1872. A second railroad was introduced to the community when the Baltimore and Washington Railroad (B & W) started operations in 1908. The convergence of the two rail systems prompted the Southern Maryland Agricultural Society to build the Bowie Race Track in 1914.

Moreover, this heritage and history is still accessible to visitors who can visit and learn more about it. The manor house has been restored and registered in the National Register of Historic Sites, reflecting its 250-year heritage.

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Inovalon is a leading technology company that combines advanced cloud-based data and analysis with highly targeted interventions in a healthcare landscape that has not yet reached the same level of efficiency and cost as traditional healthcare systems. Our technological innovations in the healthcare industry have significantly reduced the cost of providing managed care solutions, increased value and significantly improved patient outcomes. We focus on technological innovation and believe in 100% price transparency, so that you will be satisfied with the highest quality products and services available to our customers.

Our data-driven, cloud-based solutions for the healthcare industry touch every aspect of the insured population, from patient care to patient outcomes to the delivery of services. This differentiating combination provides a powerful suite of solutions that improves quality and cost-effectiveness and affects all areas of healthcare from primary care to emergency room, hospital, nursing home and insurance.

Since 1998, Inovalon has successfully used data and analysis to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare. We deliver a seamless end-to-end solution for the healthcare industry that brings seamless endings to - the - care.

The company and its employees have made contributions to and continue to support various other local and national charities. The City of Bowie is soliciting bids in partnership with the Greater Bowie Chamber of Commerce for the 2014 business, which recognizes Inovalon as a recipient of a $500,000 grant from the Maryland Department of Health and Human Services. Bowie's railway history will also be on display in a restored railway building at the Bowie Museum of Natural History.

The place where the Catholic Church in America was first organized, then named by the Vatican, and then the headquarters of the U.S. Embassy in Rome. Bowie was so small that it was difficult for him to develop naturally because of the transport problems that were associated with it. Fortunately, in 1853, Col. William D. Bowie succeeded in persuading the Maryland Legislature to establish the Potomac and Baltimore Railroad Company to serve southern Maryland. He applied to build a rail line from Baltimore to Bowie, about 1,500 miles away.

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