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The Greenbelt Marriott is located in the heart of downtown Baltimore, just blocks from the Baltimore Convention Center. The hotel has a full-service restaurant, bar, hotel rooms, fitness center and other amenities. Located at the intersection of Route 1 and Route 2 in Baltimore City, Maryland, this hotel is also within walking distance of the Maryland State Capitol and the National Mall.

You can spend the day at Bowie Town Center, go golfing in nearby Crofton or attend Bowiefest, the city's annual festival. If you don't mind, you can watch a play at Bowie Playhouse or go for a swim in Allen Park. You can watch a new movie at one of the many cinemas in the area, such as the Baltimore Film Festival or the latest installment of HBO's "House of Cards," or fight against the clock at a local movie theater or movie theater in Baltimore City.

For added convenience, there are many restaurants, bars and bars in the area, as well as a variety of shopping and dining options.

The new design also features a bright desk, allowing guests to work from anywhere in the room. On arrival, guests can store bags in a luggage compartment and connect personal devices to the Tech Drop Bar for seamless integration. You will enjoy comfortable ergonomic chairs and the opportunity to stay connected and do work without getting up and doing it.

Children will go back to school and hotel prices will fall to more affordable levels and be at the lowest level. You don't have to worry about crowds or worry about large groups of families not behaving or spending good time with their families at the hotel.

Expect to see large groups in town and book your hotel room in advance, there will be plenty to do and plenty of parking.

For relaxation, you can swim in both indoor and outdoor pools and make sure you leave your room and work out in one of the many fitness centers, gyms or gyms open 24 hours a day.

Take advantage of the fine weather by visiting the city's historic sights or hiking or cycling along one of the many hiking or cycling trails.

Whatever the reason for your visit to the city, it is important to find the best hotel for your needs so that nothing gets in the way. The best time to visit Bowie is when the weather is warm and temperatures reach an average peak of 60 degrees. It may be cool in the first half of the season, but the conditions will be perfect to enjoy many of Bowie's best attractions and all that Bowie has to offer. Temperatures will rise in the summer months into the upper 80s, making it a great opportunity to enjoy the various summer activities.

Guests want rooms that have it all - purpose-built flexibility that allows a seamless transition between relaxation and work. The tranquil and peaceful surroundings make this hotel the perfect choice for a relaxing getaway to Bowie, Maryland or anywhere in the country.

The Business Library has a separate computer station dedicated exclusively to printing boarding passes and checking flight status. The newly designed bistro is a lobby that promotes a relaxed atmosphere with a wide selection of food and drinks and a full-service bar.

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More About Bowie